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Guiders from around the Island took part in a training at FCJ school. Run by trainers Michele Peace and prospective trainers Yvonne Mundy and Nicky Maindonald ‘Spring into Action’ proved to be very successfull.
UK Guider, Janet Parker ran a training on Growing Guiding, that proved a popular discussion point with many ideas to take forward. Our Island Commissioner, Sonia Machon, led a training on the importance of Data Protection and Senior Section Adviser, Karen Johnson, led a training on Young Leaders and how to use them in the unit meetings and how to help them with their qualifications.

Michele led the Rainbow sectional training and looked at the new Roundabout, All about Me, and the leaders loved the beaded rainbows. Yvonne and Nicky each took a Brownie Sectional training on using the Adventure Books in the programme and the session was full of ideas for leaders on how to use the books, with plenty of activities for them to try.

All sectional training was held on craft and games, and no kitchen cooking, which proved great fun and with fantastic ideas to take away and use with the girls.

Training and keeping up to date is very important for all of our leaders, both the in experienced and the experienced as Guiding is always evolving and changing taking on board the girls ideas,looking at the world and community we live in and full of new activities and resources.

” Really, really enjoyed the training. I had lots of fun, thank you”

” The training was informative and fun. I enjoyed it :)”

” Good balance of talking and doing”

“Great fun!”